How can you get precise enough line positioning result at much longer work distance? Before the adoption of red line laser module, usually users might feel it hard to get precise enough line alignment result with a manual line drawing tool of blocking board or square meter. Manual line printing or drawing work is only workable for very close distance, while still not easy to avoid mistake caused by manual operation. In current industrial line measuring works, red line laser module just gets quite wide application in various machinery processing and industrial inspection.

The real experience of red line laser module is not the same as any other type of manual line drawing tool. Anyway, red laser beam is highly visible and bright since it gets wide range output power from 5mW to 100mW. In formal lighting and inner room line alignment work, a 5mW red laser module is enough to project straight and fine enough red laser line in distance.
This red laser line generator gets moderate brightness red laser beam from internal part of 650nm red laser diode, however, it is workable for majority of industrial machinery processing work fields. None of visible laser beam is visible to human eyes, thus the real line laser alignment should not be operated under sunlight. In formal laser line aligning work, wider range power made 650nm red laser module is workable for all kinds of long distance and high lighting working occasions efficiently.
When red line laser module is workable for quite longer distance, it should be selected with higher output power of up 50mW. At the same time, in order to get bright and visible enough red laser line targeting, it is very important to choose correct operating voltage of 4.2V DC input power supply. It is just a key point for users to get correct selection of operating voltage, otherwise, this laser line generator might be burning out by extremely electric power source or not be sufficient enough to get bright and visible enough red laser line targeting as expected.
In practical line measuring work with red line laser module, it is not a focus adjustable line measuring device. However, the front part of laser beam aperture is still allowing very simple screw or twist so as to easy adjustment of laser line thickness until the most satisfied line positioning result in distance. In addition, the adoption of industrial alignment laser can also seek assistance from laser alignment mounting bracket, while users can easily get clear and accurate enough red line positioning in all working occasions efficiently.