Concrete mixer using the points
Periodic: periodically carry out loading, mixing, discharging, layout simple solid, simple controls and cooperation ratio mixing quality, widely used.
Successive formula: a series of tasks, ce approved hzs25 mini portable concrete batch plants for sale the production rate for the use of large concrete projects.
Self-loading: mixing tube rotating the material must be highly promoted and then fall on their own, the cylinder wall and blade wear small, for mixing plastic and semi-plastic concrete.
Forced: barrel material from the effects of forcing the rotating shaft of the blade and the blade acquired charge
Points stirring. Leaves and cylinder wall wear large, demand the installation of the liner.
Features and application of concrete mixer drum constant speed system
Concrete mixer is a kind of transport and mixing concrete dual function of special vehicles. Whether high-speed driving on the road or in front of traffic lights stay, the drum must maintain a consistent speed, otherwise there will be long-distance transport of concrete condensation, stratification and segregation phenomenon, greatly affect the quality of concrete. However, stationary hzs75 automatic concrete batch plant manufacturers during transport, when the car started, or uphill, the engine speed increases, the hydraulic pump that is in proportion to the amount of oil increases, the speed of the mixing tube will also be increased accordingly. Thus, not only increases the engines power consumption, accelerate the wear and tear of the mixing tube, affecting driving performance concrete mixers, but also can not be uniform mixing of concrete, reduce the quality of concrete. With modern construction of concrete quality requirements continue to increase, how to ensure that within the specified time will be concrete mixing station arrived from the construction site, and to ensure the same quality of concrete, concrete mixer is a new task facing the next generation.
To solve these problems, Eaton put forward a set of advanced mixer drum constant speed control solutions.
The system is stirred to ensure quality, improve the power of the vehicle, fuel costs and vehicle emissions are also reduced. Roller constant speed control solution integrates advanced electronic technology and sophisticated logic control algorithm, and combines the EFI engine CAN bus capability. The main principle is: according to the control requirements and the control panel instructions, advanced logic system after program operation, the output current is adjusted electrically controlled proportional valve, thereby controlling the pump displacement to achieve roller constant speed, or by controlling the engine speed leaving mixer drum speed remains constant. Roller constant speed control price of concrete batch plant hzs25 mini concrete mix plant system mainly consists of the following components: controller, the main control panel, wireless control panel, the proportion of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, and the like. Through the main control panel switch button, you can achieve live mixer and wireless remote control.